Dr. Lieke Oldenhof

Lieke Oldenhof (1982) is an assistant professor at the institute of Health Policy and Management. Her research focuses on changing relations between managers, professionals and citizens in the healthcare sector and public domain. She particularly focuses on neighbourhood network collaboration, organized professionalism and the reconfiguration of middle management. Previously, Oldenhof studied Public Administration at Leiden University (MA, cum laude) and History at Groningen University (ResMa). In April 2015, she obtained her PhD (cum laude), titled "The Multiple Middle: Managing in Healthcare". For her PhD thesis, she investigated how middle managers deal with conflicting values in healthcare provision and transform their own managerial role in relation to self-steering professionals and citizens. During her PhD, she also worked as a part-time policy advisor at the National Council for Public Health and Society (RVenS) where she published various studies on the decentralization of care to local governments.

EUR Research Excellence Initiative Research programme 2016-2020

The State of Local Welfare: Devolution of welfare state arrangements and the implementation, organization and management of welfare services